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Students restore a village school

Students restore a village school

Only with education can even the most rural areas develop. Rajesh Yadav, a village headmaster in Uttar Pradesh saw that his Institute is bare bones. There were no resources or students.

He could not stand the fact that education is being neglected. As he looked for help, he received it from a group of graduating college students.

These are students from BITS Pilani. After seeing the condition of the school, they dedicated themselves to revive the school.

They started a campaign called School Chale Hum.

The students who started this campaign are Pranjal Singh and Navkaran Deep.

Pranjal first talked about the issues faced by the school in his maternal village Ambari. It was running without even basic features like benches and desks.

The school called Prathamic Vidyalaya in the village is a century old one. In its glory days, it had many famous alumni like Ram Naresh Yadav, former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and several MLAs and MPs.

However, it went down into a state of abandonment. The locals did not do much to repair their heritage.

With help from the teachers, the headmaster managed to build an outer compound and installed power backup for the school.

The oldest blocks of the school which were more than five decades old were also renovated.

Students restore a village school

Students restore a village school


With the help of the group, the number of students in primary school has gone up to a total of 220 children in various classes.

The campaigns fundraiser is helping the school stay up. More renovation processes are being done on the school.

Navkaran says that their group is always interested in helping development of educational sector.

The group also raised funds worth ₹1.3 lakh for the sake of education of an auto driver’s daughter in Pilani.

They even installed power backup for a slum school in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

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