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Dead tube lights re-glow with this innovation

Dead tube lights re-glow with this innovation

Narsimha Chary has been passionate about experimenting with science since his childhood. While his peers engaged in playing games like kho-kho, he was busy experimenting with motors and building toy trains in his uncle’s shop.

His interest fetched him good results. This 39-year-old from Telangana grabbed the attention of the world by bringing life to dead tube lights.

Narsimha hailed from Nizamabad district of Navipet, Telangana. He is the youngest among the four siblings. His father has a metal-cum-furniture workshop.

Narsimha completed a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from an open university to spend more time in his experiments.

Narsimha has a strong zeal towards science and his quest to explore new things helped him achieve many things in his life.

He designed a model of Earth’s revolution with light-weight plastic balls when he was in class 3. He won an award for that at the district-level science fair.

He experimented with several things and his invention to re-glow dead tube lights brought him good recognition.

In 2000, Narsimha invented an integrated circuit to re-glow failed and dead tube lights without using a choke and starter.

There was a hard work of more than seven years behind his success. He spent long hours in the library to study and research. After that, he experimented several times at home. His strong dedication helped him achieve success.

He associated with many panchayats and municipal corporations to re-glow failed tube lights. So far, he brought life to more than 10 lakh tube lights across the country.

His integrated circuit costs just ₹50 while purchasing a new tube light costs around ₹500.

Currently, he is working with the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD). He won many awards for his invention. One of the most notable awards is the ‘Great Minds, Long Miles – Quest for Answers’ award, as part of an initiative run by Siemens.

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