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CHIRAG – App for child rights

CHIRAG – App for child rights

CHIRAG is a digital app that allows its users to report sightings and file complaints of any violation of children’s rights, a government initiative supported by the Maharashtra State Commission for the Protection of Child’s Rights, or MCSPCR, and launched by the Women and Child Development Minister, Pankaja Munde, last year.

CHIRAG looks to promptly enable action against children with violated rights, especially those poor and living on the streets, and has been relaunched this week after more funding was given in order to increase people’s awareness of the issue.

Munde speaks about the pressing nature of the issue of children’s rights, saying how their voices are silenced by even the people they know.

This app is a medium through which that can be solved, since one can state complaints and officials seeing it can conduct their investigations from there.

The procedure of the app has been adopted by NGO Save the Children, who work on protecting children at an international level from neglect, exploitation, and other violations.

Now that the state government has pledged their allocation of better resources and increased funding in the children’s rights efforts, the app has been relaunched to further protect vulnerable children.

If one finds a child living on the streets, the first thing to be done is informing the Child helpline-1098, and then they will advise one further, as well as allowing one to contact the right authority to take action immediately.

If found in the streets, people can directly inform authorities of the child’s location, if found in a railway station, they can inform the railway police to investigate the child’s situation further, and if found in public places such as malls or stores, the app can alert the relevant management to the scene, who can offer their assistance.

CHIRAG – App for child rights

CHIRAG – App for child rights

The app also allows reports of serious violations such as sexual or physical abuse and harassment.

Additionally, users can learn about the rights of children and their current protection laws through the app, and can also access directories of government officials who work in child protection.

Through this app, the state is hoping to completely abolish children’s rights violations by the year 2020.

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