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My Child App helps parents diagnose children’s development disorders

My Child App helps parents diagnose children’s development disorders

Now-a-days, developmental issues are rising and they are not identified exactly to be solved in an early stage. According to the study of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, every second child in the world born will be autistic by 2025. Similarly, every sixth child in the world will face problems related to development.

To help parents diagnose their child’s developmental issues, a new app came into the field. It is My Child App. It is developed by Harsh Songra. Interestingly, Harsh has a developmental issue since his childhood. He was diagnosed with dyspraxia which affected his cognitive abilities.

He failed in an exam in his elementary school. He got a brand as ‘disabled’ by his teacher. Many of the teachers are unable to identify the difference between a normal child and a differently-abled one. Hence, it is difficult to understand their psychological problems. Even parents are facing problems of diagnosing the development issues of their children.

Harsh developed My Child App when he was 18 years old to help parents and teachers. The app highlights all the major issues of a child including developmental, neurological, motor and speech impairment. It is done by a questionnaire. Parents need to enter their child’s age, height and weight and then answer the questions in the form of yes or no.

The app delivers the results in just 45 seconds. It took 9 years to understand about Harsh to his parents.

My Child App can be used for children of the ages of 1 to 24 months. The App is not a substitute for doctors but it helps them to identify a child’s needs for better treatment.

Harsh’s app received appreciation from many people. So far, more than 12,000 people downloaded the app on Google Play from all over the world. Harsh wants to upgrade his app by adding things like care during pregnancy, parenting tips to be a better parent and community with both parents and doctors to solve issues of children with discussions.

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