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A Bridge made of Paper


We are living in a time when paper bridges which can hold 80 times their weight are being made.

Students at IIT Delhi have made a prototype model bridge out of paper and glue and the bridge can hold 80 times its own weight. That is not enough to astonish you? Then, you should know that the bridge is also fire and water proof.

The idea came for a project for five civil engineering students at IIT Delhi. This small project idea became so successful and cause many queries from all the over world. The students have stated that they wanted to do something different. Since all students constructed bridges out of material with weight bearing capacity, they wanted to try paper and glue.

The students used A4 sized paper sheets which were mixed with water and glue. The ratio of the mixture was 2:1 (water: adhesive). They rolled sheets of A4 in glue and mixed with them water. The sheets were later cut according to dimensions.

Usage of paper makes it economical and eco-friendly as they used waste paper. The bridge has a life span of five to six years. The bridge is also easy to move anywhere and does not experience thermal expansion. The team behind this prototype is certain that a large scale bridge can be used for small projects like canal crossings, etc.

This is truly a remarkable achievement and shows how potential the future holds.

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