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Breathing device to save baby lives

Breathing device to save baby lives

According to research, it is found that there are about 160,000 premature babies die each year in India, largely in rural areas, from respiratory Distress Syndrome. In order to tackle this, an enterprising duo has developed a low value portable device to save lots of these lives.

From a UN report, 3.5 million premature babies are born in India each year. Each year, there are approximately 407,000 of them that suffer from RDS and 160,000 die because of lack of correct medical attention.

Most of these children do not have access to the facilities that can help. The available ones are not portable. Even if they are, they are quite expensive. Often, individuals in rural lack the proper access to them on time. This has cost the lives of many young children.

Saans is focused at solving the main issue of transportation of babies who are in desperate need of external support for breathing from rural areas to hospitals. It was designed by Nitesh K Jangir, an embedded systems engineer, and Nachiket Daval, a product designer.

During a medical jugaad-a-thon organized by CAMTech India, alongside Glocal healthcare and GE health care, in July 2014, this device was designed. Nitesh and Nachiket were inspired to develop Saans when discussing the issues faced by premature babies with a doctor from Uganda at the event.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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