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Biodegradable paper bottles

Biodegradable paper bottles

Many health-conscious people are seeking plastic alternatives. In this context, several products are emerging into the market. Some of them are unique and innovative.

Kagzi Bottles are one such unique product. Samiksha Ganeriwal launched a startup to produce completely compostable paper bottles to be used for beverages, liquids and powders.

Kagzi Bottles is a Noida based startup. The idea of making an alternative to single-use plastics came to the mind of Samiksha, the founder of Kagzi Bottles when she was working on a college project.

She worked on plastic alternative bags during her college days. It helped her explore ways on producing more plastic alternative products. She worked at many multinational companies after finishing her MBA.

After a few years, she established her company which offers packaging solutions. At that time, she sought alternatives to plastic bottles, but could not find them. Then she decided to set up a company to produce biodegradable paper bottles.

Due to a lack of educational background in this field, she approached many product designers and scientists for this. She had to face several challenges during this course of the procedure.

As there were no such products in the market at that time, Samiksha did not get the right machinery to make the bottles. Hence, she started from scratch. She employed some people to design the machinery as per her description.

Samiksha started her venture with ₹12 lakhs. Kagzi bottles are available in brown colour. These are made up of paper waste which is being sourced from a company in Himachal Pradesh.

The pulp is obtained from it and moulded into the shape of two halves of a bottle. These halves are spray painted and glued together to make a bottle.

Each bottle is priced in the range of ₹19 to ₹22. Currently, the startup is selling around 2 lakh bottles per month.

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