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Plasticvalla crafts plastic into beautiful artwork

Plasticvalla crafts plastic into beautiful artwork

Plastic is one of the big threats to the environment. Due to increasing awareness, several people are switching to plastic alternatives.

Some others are recycling and reusing them to reduce pollution. Here is a man who converts plastic into beautiful artwork.

Manveer Singh is also known as Plasticvalla as he converted more than 350kgs of used plastic into art pieces.

He wants to convey a message against plastic pollution and create awareness among people in his surroundings. For this, he chose this creative artwork.

Manveer Singh is an art teacher. He sold a few of his art pieces overseas. He collects plastic from his neighbouring families and creates art pieces from it.

Recently, Manveer installed an Olive Ridley sea turtle at Puri beach, Odisha. He made many small turtles from plastic to make this 15-feet turtle. For this, he collected more than 50kgs of multi-layered plastic.

This Delhi-based Plasticvalla pursued his Master’s in Fine Arts from the College of Art, Delhi. Manveer observed the plastic menace across various places, from his birthplace Haridwar to the national capital Delhi.

The usage of single plastic has been continuing across the country. At the same time, there are no innovative ways to control its usage. Its recycling is also limited.

Manveer decided to reuse plastic waste effectively. In the beginning, he wanted to collect the plastic waste from ragpickers and asked them to collect the material for him. But, they found it difficult to collect multi-layered plastic and refused to do so.

Then Manveer visited every house to collect plastic waste directly from households. He distributed boxes to them to dispose of their plastic waste. The boxes will be collected from them when they are full.

It takes around two months for Manveer to create an art piece. He created his first art piece after several trials. He says it is not easy to create art pieces using waste materials. However, he aims to reduce plastic waste. That’s why he works on this.

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