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Bengaluru youth designs innovative bag-cum-desk

Bengaluru youth designs innovative bag-cum-desk

Many schools lack proper infrastructure facilities like benches and desks. As a result, students have to sit on the floors and keep their books on their laps or bend while writing. This results in posture issues. To help school students protect from such problems, this Bengaluru youth designed an innovative school bag. This school bag can turn into a desk.

24-year-old Himanshu Muneshwar Deore was a student at NICC International College of Design, Bengaluru. He came up with this unique bag design as part of his final year project.

Hailed from Nagpur, Himanshu wants to do something for children that lack proper infrastructure in schools.

He identified that many children are facing with posture issues due to lack of benches and desks. At the same time, most of them have to carry a load of heavy books due to which they are suffering from back, neck and shoulder problems.

Hence, Himanshu developed this bag design with the help of Uttar Pradesh artisans using indigenous moonj grass. He came to know about this craft and material at an exhibition. Then he worked with them for a few months to learn about the techniques. After that, he developed the design.

The bag helps students to write hassle-free. Apart from that, many local artisans are getting their livelihood due to this project.

The bag can carry up to three kgs. The bag is designed with cloth and bamboo. It has two straps. Besides, it has two metal stands to support the sides. These metal stands can also turn into the legs of the desk.

Himanshu refused a job at a corporate company to complete the design and bring it into the market for children.

He calculated size and measurements before developing the prototype. At present, he is improving the design to reach many school children.

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