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Delhi government conducts awareness programs for school children

Delhi government conducts awareness programs for school children

The climate of the Nation’s Capital, Delhi is not safe due to its poor air quality. Day by day it is getting worse. Experts state that living in Delhi is completely unfit for breathing.

The air quality already surpassed “poor” stage and it is in a hazardous state now. Breathing the air here is almost equal to the consumption of cigarettes.

If a new born takes birth in Delhi at present, he or she is pretty much smoking 15 cigarettes since the first day of his or her life.

Despite several actions being taken by the government, the pollution levels in Delhi have reached hazardous.

The government sees the air pollution cannot be controlled without the support of public and there is a need to educate them on this burning issue.

In this scenario, Delhi government is conducting sensitization programs to school children and college students to create awareness on air pollution.

The environment department’s ECO club has almost 2000 schools and colleges. So, awareness programs are being conducted in students, teachers and parents.

Anti-fire cracker campaign had been held in schools before Diwali. Several other programs are also being conducted to sensitize students.

The students’ response is very good to these programs. Cycle rallies had been performed on air pollution with apt slogans to save the environment.

The government is planning is conduct theatre programmes on air pollution in the coming days.

In addition to that, plant saplings are provided to the students to be planted by them.

Thus, the government wants to make the young generation a big part in these awareness campaigns and sensitization programs to save future generations.

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