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Bengaluru police to get a call center

Bengaluru police to get a call center

To promote professionality and give faster response to people, the Bengaluru city police will soon be having customer care executives to take distress calls.

The customer care will be given specific training to attend to distress calls fast and ensure safety to everyone. The city of Bengaluru is taking this move in order to solve various problems.

Several problems were reported by people regarding the control room’s response to them. Many report that there is a lack of empathy towards those who are making distress calls using the 100 helpline.

To counter this, the new initiative was taken so that people would feel safer when they call the police. Bengaluru police have already invited tenders from various top BPOs from the city to take up this project.

The way this works is that when someone calls the police, it reaches the customer care. They will take the distress call by being empathetic and caring.

The message will be immediately passed to the police offers who will use their judgment call based on the situation on whether or not to send a response team.

One dispatch officer will be assigned to every 10 call takers in the customer care. In this project, the police are trying to ensure that the call takers are at least fluent in speaking three major languages.

Bengaluru police to get a call center

Bengaluru police to get a call center



Bengaluru department is ensuring the multiple language ability after being inspired by the London Metropolitan Police’s control room.

In the London Metropolitan Police control room, the call operators are able to communicate with citizens in more than 80 languages.

They even made sure that even when a foreign language speaker calls them, they can respond quickly. The operators would quickly connect the caller to the language expert needed.

Bengaluru is also multi-cultured and is multi-lingual. This is the reason that the police want to ensure that there are call takers who can take calls in all major languages.

Image Reference: TheIndianExpress, Flickr

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