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App to improve parent-teacher interaction

App to improve parent teacher interaction

Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel are two IIT Delhi graduates who found the lack of proper parent teacher interaction for school children disturbing. So, they have developed an app which enables a great communication channel between parents, teachers and students.

There are many parents who do not know much about their child’s education and what co-curricular activities they do in school. Beside the parent teacher meeting held every once in a year, there is not much interaction between parents and teachers.

Singh and Goel have created a mobile app called Eckovation which helps parents stay in constant touch with the teachers of their child. Through this app, they can know about all important school activities.

The app also features audio messages for parents who cannot read. This helps even uneducated parents stay up-to-date with the education of their child. The app can be downloaded in the most basic of android phones. It connects parents and teachers in real time and it works even with limited internet connection.

The app uses controlled groups to connect teachers, parents, and students. The teacher is the initiator who creates the group. It is just like a WhatsApp group but only those with the group code can join it.

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