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App to find toilets

App to find toilets

Almost every Indian knows the trouble of finding a public toilet. Even if they do find one, most of the times it won’t be clean. However, with the help of this unique and innovative app, you can find one with ease. Not only that, users can also add the toilets they discover to the database to help other people.

The app called ‘Susuvidha’ is a creation by Mudit Tyagi. He realized how hard it is to find a clean toilet while on a road trip from Meerut to Delhi. He realized that finding usable toilets is indeed a big challenge.

Mudit is the founder of an organization called DevJiva which makes socially useful apps to help out people. Mujit was travelling with his mother who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. He was taking her to her medical appointment and it was extremely difficult for someone in her condition to find proper toilets. This strongly motivated him to come up with a solution.

Users can use the app to receive information about all public toilets in the vicinity. The app presents the info in an easily understandable way.

So far, the app has 1,500 users already. The app is not just limited to India but covers the entire world.

The app calculates by splitting the globe into segments of 20 km. The latitude and longitude of the mid points in every segment is noted.

In the backend, Susuvidha runs a long Google search with terms like bathroom, toilet, loo, washroom etc. at every longitude and latitude. The results from this search are stored in the database of Susuvidha. If a user uses the app in GPS enabled mode, they can easily find nearby toilets which appear in the form of red pins. So far, there are over 4,000 toilets from India in the database of Susuvidha database.

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