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App for Chennai floods by a 10-year-old

App for Chennai floods by a 10-year-old

10-year-old child Chinmayi Ramasubramanian developed an app which could very well one of the best apps for the flood affected areas of Tamil Nadu. The app helps in assisting those who wants to donate for the flood relief and those who want to help the victims.

Even at such a young age, Chinmayi is interested in Science. She loves to read. Her future goal is to become an astronomer. The app called CalamityRelief will be launched in the first week of December.

The app makes it easy for people who want to donate for flood relief. It also makes the process of giving and receiving relief materials easy.

When the user opens CalamityRelief, he or she will find a page which asks his or her role. The roles are: an individual, a collector or a distributor. After the user picks their role, they get several options.

Users will be able to find the list of collection centres and choose the nearest one to go to and donate. They can also find a list of things which people should donate and things they should not donate.

If a user is a collector who has been collecting from two or more different sources, they get two options. They can fill in the details of their collection center so that donors can come to the location to drop of the objects.

The collectors can list out the objects and things that they have in possession so that people who need particular things can contact them accordingly.

If a user is a distributor or social worker who delivers relief supplies, then they can find information regarding which item is available on what date. Based on that information they can contact the donors and arrange for transfer, packaging, etc. The app can be downloaded by android users from the Google Playstore.

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