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Adister – Quality Notebooks for half price

Can you believe that notebooks are available at half the market price? But, it is true. Adister provides smart and quality notebooks which are available at half the market price. The idea of selling cheaper notebooks started from dorms of IIT Roorkee. Anubhav and Shubham are the alumni of IIT Roorki and are behind this innovative idea.

Most of the magazines and newspapers in the market are sold for lesser price than their production costs. This is possible with the revenue is generated from the advertisements. They applied this formula to the notebooks they sell in the market. They approached several companies for giving advertisements on their notebooks.

This is because notebooks have longer shelf life. The advertisement given on the notebook can be retain for months. Compared to other advertising media like newspapers, TV etc., notebooks are used by youth. In this way, companies can attract youth by targeting them to improve their sales. Furthermore, notebooks have fewer ads to attract audience.

Based on all these several companies were attracted towards their strategy. Levis which rejected their proposal initially is now one of their major clients. HCL, Oxigen, Voonik My Prep Mate, Thomas Cook, Flipick are some of their clients.

Adister notebooks are not just sold at cheaper prices, they also offer discounts and coupons on the advertised brands on the notebooks. The users can download Adister App to get them. Today more than 1 lakh notebooks are being sold in Delhi and Mumbai each month in over 200 retail outlets. The innovative idea thus helped all the stakeholders.

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