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3bO facemask to protect against bacteria and virus

3bO facemask to protect against bacteria and virus

As facemasks are mandatory now, many designers and researchers are exploring ways to make them innovatively. In this context, scientists at CeNS (The Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences) designed 3bO facemask to protect against bacteria and virus up to 95 per cent.

It is based on the triboelectricity concept. The facemask is manufactured by Camellia Clothing, a Bengaluru company.

Compared to chemical coated masks, this mask provides more live viral filtration and up to 90 per cent.

Dr Pralay Santra led the research. He said that N95 masks provide extra protection due to their two-way filtering – mechanical and electrostatic. However, they are recommended for healthcare personnel. Moreover, the electrostatic charge created due to material is deactivated when it comes across moisture. Many reusable masks available in the market will lose their filtration capacity with consecutive washes.

Hence, a team of scientists at CeNS designed 3bo facemask with three simple materials – nylon, polypropylene, and cotton. While nylon and polypropylene help generate static electricity, the cotton provides comfort and protection.

This three-layered facemask provides extra protection against bacteria and virus. The team claims that the mask is 95 per cent effective in filtering particles of 0.3 microns and the results showed the same up to 20 washes.

Users of the mask have to rub the cloth together before wearing, to generate static electricity which helps block the virus and bacteria.

The masks are designed in the shape of Deltoid to make sure that there is no space for leakage while speaking. It ensures comfortability to users with high breathability. Anyone can wear these masks for long hours comfortably.

The facemasks are available on 3bo website. Price ranges from ₹245 to ₹990. You can also buy them on Amazon and Flipkart.

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Image Reference: https://shop.3bo.in/

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