3 idiots inspired these engineering students

‘3 idiots’ inspired these engineering students

‘3 idiots’ inspired these engineering students

‘3 idiots’ the popular Hindi movie has inspired these engineering students to come up with great ideas.

These ideas led them to design an unmanned aerial system. These systems can send high quality images and can even drop things like food packets. The team call themselves ZeppelinFC-26 and the drone they made is capable of taking off and landing.

The drone is also capable of sending a live video feed even from a distance of 32 kms from you. Vaibhav Gangwar, one of the members of the team ZeppelinFC-26, stated that there are very few opportunities and people involved with aero-modeling in India. The team hopes to take their model to a larger scale and manufacture it in the country.

With the design they created, the team is set to participate in a competition name AUVSI Student Unmanned Air Systems which is held in USA every year. The competition is judged by US military officials of the US Army.

Zephyr, the system designed by the team was able to conduct several successful missions through the integration of mechanical, imagery, and navigation systems. The UAV frame is a High-Wing RC plane, which has been designed and modified on Solid Works, by taking help from plans available on the internet, and reinforced for better flight integrity and modified for carrying a payload.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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