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Vertical Farms to Save Space and Environment

Vertcial farms

Traditional farms generally need a lot of input to make them sustainable. This includes pesticides which are harmful. Not only this, traditional farms require needs other places to be stored, refrigerated, and transported which is not space saving. In order to solve these problems, vertical urban agriculture has begun. It has the potential to solve all these problems and can lead to an urban and environmental renewal in India.

The power of vertical urban agriculture is that it can produce the output of 10 outdoor acres with 1 indoor acre. At present the agriculture land of India is 1.1 million square km approximately. The land could potentially be reduced to 110,000 square km to give the same production output. The use of this is that the forest cover could be increased to a maximum of 1.7 million square km. The increased forest area would start to undo the damage done to environment. The best part is that the production of crops won’t reduce at all. The damage caused to land by years of farming can also be reverted by increasing forest area.

The way Vertical Urban Agriculture works is that they are high rise towers which are 20 – 30 stories tall or higher. They provide a temperature controlled environment in which all plants like fruits, vegetables, and flowers can be grown. The water supplied to the plants is hydroponic which means it is filled with nutrients. Nutrients are also supplied via air too.

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