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Veerabhadrappa – Krishi Pandit

One can find greenery everywhere with finely grown coconut trees, sandalwood, teak, coffee, tamarind, vanilla etc there. Different types of crops in 90 acres of land. Several agricultural experiments are being conducted there to improve the yield. Can you guess where it is? It is Vasundhara Farmland located in Chitradurga of Karnataka.

Veerabhadrappa, who finished his agricultural B.Sc. 50 years ago chose these barren and dry lands and made them fertile with the cooperation of his wife Sumangalamma. The couple inspired many young farmers with their hard work and dedication towards agriculture and with the astonishing results and revenue that generated.

The water conservation methods, rain water harvesting methods, and introduction of microorganisms helped them in conserving water. The scientific approaches and employing technologies aided Veerabhadrappa to achieve good results.

Apart from agriculture he is also an expert in forestry, animal husbandry, honey bee rearing, sericulture and vermiculture. He says that following superficial agricultural methods do not help rather cause harm sometimes. According to him, there is no wastage in the world, but effective utilization is very important for obtaining the best results.

Unlike other farmers who burn agricultural wastes, Veerabhadrappa turned them int rice manure by employing composting methods. He uses gobar gas generated from his dairy unit for his home needs. The slurry which is generated from the gobar gas plants is used for vermin-culture. He was awarded the Krishi Pandit by Government of Karnataka and the best coconut grower by Government of India.

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