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Vastu Mistakes to avoid in the Guest Room

Vastu Mistakes to avoid in the Guest Room

Most people do not focus much on guest rooms. They build them without much thought of Vastu. But, as per the Vastu Shastra, an unplanned guest room can negatively impact you.

Here is a list of some Vastu mistakes that can be avoided in your guest room. Remember that these are not the opinion of the author, but the analysis of Vastu experts.

As per Vastu Shastra, never build a guest room in the direction of south-west as it is meant for the owner of the home.

If you build a guest room in that direction, there is a chance of a domination of your guests on your decision making.

Rather build it in north-west which is ideal for the guest room. If it is not possible, you can choose south-east direction to build a guest room.

Kids room should not be close to the guest room. This is for the privacy of your children as they have to study and play in their room.

Vastu Shastra also says that cabinets should be in the direction of south in the guest room.

Make sure you avoid any beams exactly over the bed of the guest room which can adversely affect the health of your guests.

Do not fit full-length mirrors in the guest rooms as they can multiply the energy which may impact your house negatively.

Separate washroom should be constructed in the guest room. This is not just for Vastu, but also essential to maintain privacy.

Avoid bright colours including Red, Brown, Black and dark Purple in your guest room as there is a chance of increasing anxiety and aggression in the guests.

Placing fresh and green plants in and around your house can help you maintain a good relationship with the guests until they leave your home.

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