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Two thirds of Young Indians prefer Book reading

The present age and generation can be termed the digital generation. Many people believe that youth in the present generation are obsessed about technology. However, the results from Tata Literature Survey has revealed contradictory results. The 2014 edition of this survey has revealed that India prefers written words rather than soft copies. The survey which has concluded on 2nd November has revealed that 78 percent of the respondents prefer printed book over e-books.

Out of the respondents, 83 percent of women and 75 percent of men preferred printed books over e-books. 81 percent of the respondents who are less than 20 years of age have shown preference towards printed books to e-books. 80 percent of the Mumbai respondents preferred printed books.

The Tata Literature Live! Survey 2014 is aimed at understanding India’s literary leisure reading. It is not only aimed at exploring the reading tastes of India, but also how India is reading these days. It is indeed a surprising result in an age which is full of technology usage. It is interesting to find that youth who use social networking and internet browsing as hobbies also indulge in reading written words rather than soft copies.

Some other findings of the survey show that 60 percent of the respondents read a literary piece once a week. 42 percent have stated that reading is the best way to overcome a bad day. 74 percent prefer reading to internet. 69 percent prefer reading to watching television and 61 percent prefer reading to socializing.

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