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TS village gives ₹5,000 to support the parents of a girl child

TS village gives ₹5,000 to support the parents of a girl child

Kondayapalli is a small village in Karimnagar, Telangana. But, the villagers have a great heart as they support the parents of girl children. The village celebrates the birth of a girl child.

The villagers contribute and give ₹5,000 to the parents of a girl. Parents add another ₹5,000. They will deposit the money in a post office.

There is an NGO, Mahalakshmi Foundation, behind this great initiative. Randla Srinivas is the founder of the NGO. Like many villages, there was gender discrimination in this village in the past. Villagers did not like raising a girl child as they felt it was a burden. Most of them used to feel it difficult to give huge money in the form of dowry.

Some even committed suicide. These incidents depressed Srinivas. He realized that lack of financial support was the main reason for such incidents. He decided to provide support to parents of girl children.

He founded an NGO and requested the support of villagers. The villagers understood the noble initiative and agreed to offer their support. He also requested the employees in foreign countries to support the NGO.

Mahalakshmi Foundation started its services in 2018. However, only two parents were given the money due to a lack of funds. But, later, many others, including youth, employees etc., extended their financial support to the NGO. So, seven parents were given money in 2019. The contributions from people have been increasing, and so does the support to parents of girls.

In 2020, 10 girls received money from the NGO, while 12 girls benefitted in 2021. So far, the NGO supported more than 30 girls financially. Srinivas says that the NGO aims to provide ₹50,000 to underprivileged girls at the time of their marriage in future. For this, it focuses on collecting donations from more people.

Thus, this small village supports the parents of girls. It also encourages them in raising girls without any gender discrimination.

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