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Tamil Nadu stores deploy Zafira, COVID-19 Robot

Tamil Nadu stores deploy Zafira, COVID-19 Robot

COVID-19 has brought several changes in human life. Many new things have become normal. At the same time, many normal things seem to be impossible for some time. For instance, human interaction has reduced.

As thermal screening and hand hygiene are made mandatory, many shops employ personnel for doing these tasks.

But, many garment stores in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu are using a robot for this.

The humanoid is named Zafira. It is equipped with artificial intelligence. Zafira is draped in a saree and greets the customers at the entrance.

Zafira is a voice-activated robot. It can be dressed up in different clothes. Several cloth-stores in Tiruchirappalli are using this robot.

It constantly tracks the number of customers entering the store and ensures that they wear masks and follow social distancing.

It also checks their temperature and dispenses hand sanitizer.

In the current situation, this robot is very useful to reduce human interaction. Besides, it can do things perfectly with its artificial intelligence.

The robot is developed by Zafi Robots. Aashik Rahman, CEO of the company said that they have developed such robots ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country to help frontline warriors.

The robot tracks the number of customers entering the store at a time and sends their details to owners daily through email. So, it is easy for the owners to keep track of their record. There is no need for manual checking.

As the humanoid has complete intelligence, the details are accurate.

Several stores and showrooms see this robot useful to avoid human interaction and its precise action. Hence, many want to buy it.

The company has received many orders from various showrooms across Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

So, the team is working on mass production to meet the demand.

Image Credit: ANI on Twitter

Image Reference: https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1298733581905272832/photo/1

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