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Send letters to God from this Post Office

Post Office

This post office is offering a strange service which is attracting a lot of attention. A post mail to God. Yes, the post office says it delivers letters to god. This post office is located near the famous Hindu temple at Sabarimala Hills. This post office does not work around the year. The reason that the post office says it can post to god is that it receives many post cards and letters addressed to Lord Ayyappa. Most of these envelopes are sent to the post office with the idea that they will sent to the temple where the lord is worshipped. Hence the post office says you can send a letter to god from here.

Furthermore, the post office also finds a lot of identity cards and wallets. This is the work of pickpockets who take the money and get rid of identity cards and wallets. The post office makes it a duty to send these identity cards and wallets back to their original owners. This season, 20 PAN cards have been sent to the income tax office.

The post office has a special feature of pictorial cancellation stamp of the 18 steps that led to the shrine of Lord Ayyappa. There are several ayyappa devotees who buy covers or cards and write their own addresses and post them. These serve as souvenirs for devotees who want to remember their Sabarimala experience.

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