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What Samudrika Shastra says about a woman’s face?

What Samudrika Shastra says about a woman’s face?

There are many scriptures in India which reveal the future of an individual or nature of a person.

Samudrika Shastra is one such scripture which is a part of Vedic tradition.

It includes the study of aura reading, face reading and complete body analysis.

Vedic scriptures believe that all the body parts of a person reveal his behavior, personality, attitude etc.


That’s why palmistry, face reading etc. became very popular as humans are curious to know what mystery lies in them.

Do you know what Samudrika Shastra says about a woman according to her facial features?

These are believed to be true by many ancestors. But, believing them is according to your own discretion.

If a woman has short and evenly shaped eyebrows, she is considered to have strong moral character and honesty in her entire life.

Furthermore, she is appreciated everywhere not just in her circle but also in the society.

If a woman has a slanted eyebrow she has extreme commitment and dedication towards her family members but gives least importance to her career and life. Joint eyebrows are not at all considered as good for women.

They indicate quarrelsome and over-ambitious nature of a woman.

If a woman has big round eyes, then she has a playful nature with which she can keep her surroundings jovial and happy.

Women who have redness at the end of the sclera (white part of the eyes) are considered very lucky as they enjoy immense riches.

Black pupil reveals her self-centered personality whereas brown pupil indicates her caring and highly reliable nature. If she has a grayish pupil, then she is believed to be selfish.

Woman with thick and rounded lips reveal her quarreling nature and short temper.

A woman who has thin lips is considered to have extremely determined nature and ambitious towards career. She is very helpful to her husband and family members

If a woman has a formation of five lines on her fore head, she will have long and healthy life.

If she has three to five lines on her forehead, she is brilliant in academics with which her family is reputed.

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