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The roti maker gets 11.5 million dollar investment

The roti maker gets 11.5 million dollar investment

Few years ago, the automatic one-minute roti maker made by an Indian-origin engineer in Singapore has won a lot of attention along with investment. Now, after seven years, it has currently fetched a second round of investment of $11.5 million from venture companies.

The roti maker was made by Pranoti Nagarkar-Israni, a mechanical engineer from the National University of Singapore. Her idea for a model for an automatic roti maker let her win the “Start-Up Singapore” competition in 2009.

After the prototype, she later came up with a product design company known as Zimplistic together with her husband. She wanted to push the roti maker brand known as Rotimatic. At present, Zimplistic has currently announced an investment of $11.5 million from Southeast Asia-based NSI Ventures and Germany-based Robert Bosch venture capital, according to web portal

The Rotimatic works when the user places the needed ingredients within the given containers and presses a button. After that, all it takes is a minute and a flat, circular roti slides out of the machine. The system works like a copier machine that puts out paper. The machine also has options to let its users customize the doughballs and flour discs.

In just one week of the launch the beta version last year, $5 million worth of roti makers priced at $999 each were sold and Zimplistic had to close pre-orders.

Image Credit:- “Roti” by Umair Mohsin  is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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