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Railways to issue linked PNRs

Railways to issue linked PNRs

Good news to Railway passengers who are travelling in connecting trains as Indian Railways will issue linked PNRs to its passengers like airlines.

In order to ease the journey in connecting trains, Indian Railways is going to issue linked PNRs.

The facility will commence from April 1 for the benefit of Railway passengers.

Passengers can cancel their journey if they found delay in their first leg journey due to fog or some other reason. No cancellation fee is charged for this.

A Railway official said that if any passenger misses the connecting train due to late running of the train in which he had been travelling, then the amount for the untraveled journey will be refunded without charging any cancellation fee.

However, the passenger needs to submit his ticket within three hours of the actual arrival time of the first train to get refund.

Thus, this facility will ease the refund process when passengers cancel the journey if they miss the train.

This facility will be applicable to passengers of all classes and for all tickets including e-tickets, counter tickets, and the combination of both.

The issuing of connecting PNRs is similar to that of airlines to ensure a hassle-free journey when the passengers are travelling by the same airline.

Their luggage would be automatically transferred to the next flight in such cases. They also would be issued boarding passes for the entire journey in the first leg of their journey.

However, the airlines do not refund any money to passengers in the event of first flight’s delay even due to the fault of airline as per the existing DGCA regulations.

Image by KARTICK DUTTA from Pixabay (Free for Commercial Use)

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