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RailTel – One of the fastest Public Wi-Fis

RailTel – One of the fastest public Wi-Fis

RailTel is a Mini Ratna CPSU under the Ministry of Railways. This CPSU has been entrusted with the job of equipping all Indian Railways stations with free WiFi.

This would complete Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious project to equip free WiFi at all Indian Railways stations.

RailTel is the only dividend-paying and consistently-profitable Telecom CPSU under the central government of India.

RailTel has completed the task of providing about 700 Indian Railways stations with free, high-speed WiFi. It was challenging for RailTel to undertake the RailWire WiFi project.

However, they have now successfully provided this service to hundreds of railway stations.

RailTel’s project is a one-of-a-kind project for India, since this is one of the fastest and largest public WiFi networks in the entire world.

All WiFi services are being brought to the passengers under the RailWire brand. RailWire is the retail Broadband initiative of RailTel.

Its WiFi can be available to any user with a working mobile connection for KYC considerations.

RailTel now has about 8 million unique users per month. Of these 8 million unique users, about 25,000 users per day are first-time users.

This makes RailTel’s RailWire WiFi network the largest public WiFi network in the world.

RailTel’s RailWire WiFi network is not only the largest public WiFi network in the world, but it is also one of the fastest. Users can enjoy an incredibly quick and smooth internet connection.

The station fiber, radio network, and the entire backbone are designed in such a way that they offer multiple levels of redundancy. This ensures unique user experience.

The Ministry of Railways wants to expand WiFi service to every railway station in the Indian Railways network.

Thanks to RailTel’s massive efforts, hundreds of stations in the Indian Railways network are equipped with free WiFi, and this may soon expand to every Indian Railways station.

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