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Proof for the existence of Lord Shiva and Hanuman

Proof for the existence of Lord Shiva and Hanuman

According to epics and Puranas, there is evidence for the existence of Gods. Though many believe that the gods in Puranas existed on this land, some people wanted to find evidence for their existence.

Here are certain historical and mythological proofs for the existence of Lord Shiva and Hanuman.

Many Hindu legends say that Shripada Choti, a mountain peak in Sri Lanka has the signs of footprints of Lord Shiva. The mountain peak was also known as Sivanoleepadam. The British renamed it as Adam’s peak. The mountain peak has foot prints that measure up to 5ft 7in in height and 2ft 6in in width. Many devotees believe that these are the footprints of Lord Shiva.

Several local people believe that Ravana was instilled and brought to the mountain peak in Sri Lanka asking for the blessings of Lord Shiva when the Lord refused to go with him to Lanka. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place where they can found the holy footprints of Lord Shiva, a visible historical evidence for the existence of Lord.

Devotees also consider that the Swetharanyeswarar temple in Tamil Nadu has the foot print of Lord Shiva, the Rudra Padam.

The locals of Tiruvannamalai district claim that the actual footprints of Lord Shiva were found in a temple there. These giant footprints have been worshipped by devotees for centuries. People of Almora district in Uttarakhand consider that Lord Shiva’s footprints are found in Jogeshwar temple there. It is believed that the footprints were imprinted upon the request of Pandavas for the presence of Lord Shiva.

Coming to the existence of Lord Hanuman, there are many evidences of his footprints which show his existence. There are mainly two temples that are believed to have the footprints of Hanuman. The first and foremost place is the dense forest area of Sri Lanka from where he traveled for Sita. These forests and mountains have some visible footprints which devotees believe to be the footprints of Hanuman. Another place is Lepakshi where Hanuman’s footprints were imprinted to honour the vulture king.

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