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President says Ayurveda was known to cure HIV, TB

President says Ayurveda was known to cure HIV, TB

President Pranab Mukherjee has urged to dismiss the notion that Ayurveda is nor proven. He stated that the system which is centuries old is said to have cured diseases like HIV and tuberculosis in ancient times. He stated that he would like to see Ayurveda being demystified and popularized again.

He added that he wanted to see clinics which deliver Ayurvedic treatment and medicine in villages in all parts of India. He stated that he is particularly interested to see the youth of India study it and propagate this knowledge.

It is believed that centuries ago, the medicinal systems of Ayurveda and Siddha had laid down protocols for successfully treating diseases that resembled the diseases that we know today as HIV and tuberculosis.

If these remedies could be researched and the findings pursued, they could bring new hope to millions and revolutionise modern medicine, Mukherjee said.

The president stated that in order to achieve greater recognition for Ayurveda, there should be greater collaboration between Ayurvedic doctors and Allopathic doctors and also the Ayurvedic laboratories and drug manufacturers.

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