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PIL in HC demands to declare ₹2,000 note invalid

PIL in HC demands to declare ₹2,000 note invalid

After demonetization several PILs are being filed in courts every day. Using the numeral form of Devanagari on ₹2,000 is one among them.

Do you know that the recently printed currency note of ₹2,000 has the numeral form of Devanagari on it; and it is causing trouble to the Union Finance Ministry? Are you aware that it is against the Indian Constitution?

The Madurai bench of Madras High Court yesterday asked the Union Finance Ministry about the Devanagari form of numeral on newly printed ₹2,000 currency notes. It asked the ministry that how would they print the numeral in Devanagari despite it is against to the Constitution.

KPT Ganesan of Madurai filed a public interest litigation (PIL) on this issue earlier who came for hearing yesterday.

The Counsel on behalf of the petitioner argued that the recently released ₹2,000 currency not has numeral form of Devanagari on it which is against to the Indian Constitution, so how they can print it in that matter.

Indian Constitution has some specifications on the numerals that are to be used in official purposes. Based on them, the Indian numeral forms should be in international form only in the official purpose of unions. It should not be in any other numeral form. If the government wants the numeral form in Devanagari, then a law should be passed to use on the currency notes in addition to approval order from the President of India to authorize such numeral forms. The order of President should be in 15 years from the beginning of the Constitution. But, the currency notes were release without having such orders.

The Petitioner also argued that recently release currency notes of ₹2,000 should be declared as invalid since they are against to the constitution. He added that even the Official Languages Act passed in 1963 has no such provisions to use the Devanagari numerals forms.

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