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New School Model

New School Model

Covid-19 pandemic impacted many things in the world. School education is one among them. While social distancing is essential to control the coronavirus, most of the schools are not in a position to maintain it as many school rooms are overcrowded.

Parents are worried about the safety of their children at the schools. At the same time, they do not want to spoil the education of their children.

In this context, a new school model is likely to be proposed by the government. The Union human resources development ministry is working on it.

Currently, the school working days are 220 and the average number of hours spent by a student in school are 1,320.

But these are likely to be substituted by a new model of school and home learning.

The new model proposes 200 days and 1,200 hours of study. They are equally divided into school learning and home learning.

The HRD is formulating new rules by focusing on children who do not have access to online facilities or learning tools and other children with special needs who need the help of others to adapt to this new model.

The attendance requirements will be reduced. The primary school children may attend the school only twice a week. And students of classes 6-8 may attend 2-4 times and classes 9-12 may attend 4-5 times a week.

The Centre also asked to prepare a plan for the children of migrant workers who have left for their home towns. The schools are advised not to strike off the names of these students immediately but to prepare a database.

Instead of paper-based assessments, other types of assessments including quizzes, role play, project work may be used.

Separate guidelines will be released by the HRD ministry soon with SOP to be followed at schools, laboratories, hostels and school vehicles.

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