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Muslim family is celebrating Janmashtami for 30 years

Muslim family is celebrating Janmashtami for 30 years

India is a place where unity is found in diversity. There are many religions here. However, Indians live happily with the feeling of brotherhood. Despite the issues of so called ‘intolerance’ that is being reported by many people and media, many normal people do respect each other’s religion. Each citizen has tolerance towards other religion’s rituals and worships.

Furthermore, some people even celebrate the festivals of other religions too with great interest and fervor. There are many families that set examples by doing so and become an example of communal harmony. Here is a story of a Muslim family in Maharashtra that has been celebrating Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, for 30 years.

His name is Ahmed. He has three children. His wife and children has been celebrating in their home and performing all rituals related to Lord Krishna’s birth.

Dr. S. Ahmed has great faith in Lord Krishna. Even his and children also have a similar faith and belief in the Lord. He believes that God is everywhere, whatever the worshipping place is; like temple, mosque, gurudwara etc. He requests people not to put barriers between humans according to their religion as it is not proper to separate them like geographical locations or natural resources.

Each year the family celebrates the festival it with great devotion. They pray to Lord Krishna for not just their wealth and bliss but also for spreading peace and love in the locality.

The neighbours of Dr. Ahmed are also very cooperative. They celebrate the festival without any prejudice. Moreover, all of them help him decorate for the festival. He has a pedestal which is decorated very well and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Here his family members perform ceremonial prayers. Even the neighbors offer prayers there. Dr. Ahmed set up a tableau for Lord Krishna and many people gather at his home to see it.

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