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Mumbai’s Study Street shaped several people

Mumbai’s Study Street shaped several people

Mumbai, one of India’s biggest metro cities is popular for many things. There is a popular saying that if you lose anything in Mumbai, you can re-acquire it in its ‘Chor Bazaar’. It was called Shor Bazaar by the British which means ‘noisy market’ due to mispronunciation.

This 150-year-old Bazaar attracts the attention of locals as well as tourists with its massive collection of items and their sale.

However, Mumbai has many popular streets or gallis. Its khau galli is famous for delicious street food, and chappal gallis are famous for the sale of chappals.

Like that, there is ‘Abhyas Galli’ or ‘Padhai Galli’ (study street). As the name suggests, the street is famous for students.

Study Street is located behind Poddar Hospital in Worli. The street has bright lights and benches with striking street art and motivational messages. The street has changed the lives of many people and shaped their careers.

The street is one of the ancient streets in the city and dates back to 1920. The street is a part of Sudam Kali Ahire Marg and it was officially named Abhyas Galli on the demand of the locals.

The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) installed halogen lights in the street.

Several rooms in the city are small and tiny. Furthermore, they are accommodated with more than they can hold.

Hence, many students prefer to study in the street rather than in their rooms, homes, or libraries. They feel proud of it and call themselves alumni of the street.

The street is busy between 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Yet, some students study till the morning hours.

The lane is busy during exam weeks in the months of April and December. It is the least crowded in June at the beginning of the academic year where a small group of around 20 students are seen.
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