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Ways to reduce pollution in metros

Ways to reduce pollution in metros

In recent days, news about pollution in Delhi reaching dangerous levels has been everywhere. AAP’s new odd/even rule has sparked several debates. Here are some ideas by Ankesh Kumar to reduce pollution in metros.

Ban on vehicles older than 10 years

Vehicles which are older than 10 years generate a lot of pollution. This also includes two-wheelers as well. Even though many might object this move, it could be really effective in cutting pollution.

Maximum of two cars per household

There are many people in metros like Delhi who have more than two cars. Imposing a strict rule to prevent households who have two cars to buy more can be very helpful. Levying heavy charges can be a good strategy.

Increasing parking charges

Doing so would prevent people from using their cars often. Heavy parking charges will most likely prevent people from driving their cars. More people would want to carpool or use public transport.

Fines on illegal parking

If someone parks their vehicle illegally, then fining them heavily would reduce vehicle congestion and traffic jams. It makes people more responsible for their actions.

Increasing public transport

Clean public transport is probably the only thing that can make a lot of difference in reducing the number of vehicles. Having more number of eco-friendly vehicles will discourage people to use their own vehicles. Having an exclusive freight or heavy vehicle corridor. Metros should have exclusive corridors for transportation of supplies in heavy vehicles. This prevents mixing of heavy vehicles with normal vehicles. Heavy vehicles can be quite problematic as they can increase traffic jams which would only lead to more pollution.

Out of the above-mentioned ideas, some can be implemented quickly while others take time. If the government plans out such ideas, the future can be secured and damage can be reduced.

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