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Which metal is useful for Sun God idol

Which metal is useful for Sun God idol

Sun is very essential for the life and all creatures on the earth. So, our ancestors worshipped the Sun. Since ancient time, it is very common for Indians to worship Sun as God.

Even the Sun Salutation exercises, which people do these days are not just useful as exercise, but provide vitamin D that is required by the body.

Bhavishya Purana says that worshipping the Sun God idol made of different metals bring good luck and fortunes. Many people believe it. So, read the article to know more about the various metals that bring various types of good fortunes to you according to the Purana.

If you are capable of worshipping the Sun God’s idol made of gold, it will help improve your wealth and riches. Your family will become financially well and will be blessed with abundant riches.

Worshipping the idol made of silver will improve your work status. It also improves positivity in your home and your health.

If you wish to succeed in every endeavor, worship the gemstone idol of Sun God.

If you worship the Sun God’s idol made of wood, it helps bring good luck to you. Moreover, you can have power and a long healthy life.

Worshipping the idol made of mud or earthen idol improves prosperity and the social status of the family members.

Those who do not have children can worship the copper idol of Sun God to improve their fertility.

Worship the stone idol of Sun God to obtain a new property. It also helps to get your property that is in troubles or in court cases etc.

You can worship the Sun God idols made with all the above mentioned metals, but never worship the idols of God made with glass, iron and ranga as they are believed to be inauspicious and bring bad luck.

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