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Too many NGOs in India?

Too many NGOs in India?

In a surprising reveal, the CBI has found that there are at least 31 lakh NGOs registered in India. The surprising fact here is that this number is higher than the number of schools in the country by twice, and 250 times the number of government hospitals. It also means that there is one NGO for every 400 people while there is only one policeman for every 709 people in the country.

Based on these statistics, it is found that the position of education and healthcare in our country along with police is not as great as the number of NGOs available. The CBI acted under the direction of the Supreme Court regarding the collection of information regarding NGOs and to find out whether these NGOs have filed balance sheets which include income-expenditure statements.

Karnataka, Odisha and Telangana are yet to provide information about the number of NGOs, so the total number of NGOs will be more than 31 lakh. There are more than 82,000 NGOs registered in the seven Union Territories. As per statistics, there are a total number of 15 lakh schools in the country according to the data by Planning Commission of India in 2011. These statistics can be quite worrying because despite having so many NGOs their work is not making the impact one would imagine.

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