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Make A difference

Make A difference

Aiming to provide equitable results for children in orphanages as well as street shelters, Make A Difference (MAD) came into existence.

Make A Difference is a non-profit organization. It was founded in 2006.

This Bangalore based organization realized that more than two thirds of children in India need support and care.

So far, over 3,460 children benefitted through this network.

Those who want to work for MAD should provide a commitment of one year. Each volunteer spends between 2 to 10 hours a week which includes teaching, mentoring and interacting with kids to make sure that they will get adequate support they need in their childhood.

More than 3,800 volunteers are working for the organization.

The main vision of MAD is to provide care and support with basic needs and infrastructure. The children who do not have family and the children who do not have proper space to grow up can get their shelter at MAD.

MAD does not just offer shelters to the children. The organization tries to bring out the potential of the children despite their circumstances by providing them opportunities.

Various programs are offered at MAD. These include Ed support, transition readiness and care and dream camps.

Ed Support is a unique programme. This is designed for children in shelter homes to receive quality and proper educational support. 1-on-1 attention is essential to bridge learning gaps and clear Grade 10 so that they can pursue higher studies.

Transition readiness & aftercare empower children to build their career paths that match with their interests.

Dream camps are experiential camps which lasts for 2 to 3 days. These camps mainly focus to help children improve self-growth as per their dreams.

MAD has different services for the volunteers to choose. If you want, you can become volunteers of MAD and provide academic support, financial support and guiding support.
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