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Government plans to rank orphanages

Government plans to rank orphanages

There are many orphanages or childcare organizations in the country. But, do you know that more than half of them were not registered under the specific Act to run them? Also, most of them do not have proper facilities for children like toilets.

There is no proper accountability on them. Poor conditions are present in most of them. It is very sad that children have to be live in dirty conditions without having basic amenities.

In order to improve the accountability and responsibility of childcare organizations in the country, Indian government is mulling to rank the orphanages.

A study was conducted by the ministry of Women and Child Development on childcare institutes in the country in which it was revealed over half of them were not even registered under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015.

Then Maneka Gandhi, the WCD minister wrote to the government to make sure that all orphanages are registered so that their infrastructure would be improved.

After that the government wants to rank childcare institutes in the country. However, the parameters are yet to be decided to rank them.

Certain basic things like toilets, cleanliness will be considered by the government. Good facilities and the happiness of children will also be taken into account to award ranks to these institutes.

Law states that every institute that is meant to provide care and protection for children should be registered under the Act irrespective of their status such as voluntary organization or non-government organization, and whether they are funded by a state government or the central government.

Whether these institutes are carrying their function of providing care to children either wholly or partially shall also be registered.

But, unfortunately more than half of the institutes in the country were not registered while providing ‘care’ to children.

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