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Know your unique quality as per birth star – 2

Know your unique quality as per birth star - 2

In the previous article, you read about the unique qualities of the people born in the first four birth stars.

In this article, you will learn about some others.

People born in Mrigashirsha are renowned for their charm. Even though they face financial difficulties in their life, they do not let others know about it.

People of Arda star do not worry about money and acquiring wealth. Moreover, they are emotionally detached to the people around them.

People of Punarvasu have many friends. They easily trust other people. This nature may lead them to difficulties.

People born in Pushya show obedience to their parents. They have religious humbleness. They respect laws and do not like people who disrespect them.

People of Ashlesha are avid travelers. They are not good in nature and often spend their wealth for their personal benefits.

Those who are born in Magha are God-fearing people. They never cheat others for their money. Yet, they need continuous support from others and cannot do things independently.

Those of Purva Phalguni are clever and rough when needed. Yet, they are not cunning. They are very honest and righteous.

People of Uttara Phalguni are kind-hearted and generous. They earn good reputation. They succeed in their professional life as they can easily deal with people.

Those born in Hasta excel at academics and jobs. They would need to travel a lot as part of their jobs.

People of Chitra have a zeal for knowledge throughout their life. That’s why they are well educated. They are quiet with their enemies but skillful enough to use it for their benefit when the time comes.

Those born in Swati have excellent energy potential but need guidance to utilize it in a proper way. They have to struggle a lot if they do not learn to tackle adverse situations they come across.

People of Visakha get long-term gains, hence they don’t focus on short-term results. Moreover, they are jealous of others’ success but they don’t reveal it. They do not have a large social circle.

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