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Know your unique quality as per birth star

Know your unique quality as per birth star

There are twenty-seven birth stars or Nakshatra as per Hindu calendar. These stars are prat of zodiac signs as well.

Astrologists believe that they play a crucial role in one’s life from the birth to death. That’s why people note birth stars of their children at their birth.

The birth star of a person is that in which the Moon is positioned at the time of his / her birth. Each person will have a unique quality based on the birth star. He / she will carry that quality till the end of his / her life whether it is good or bad.

Here is a list of the unique qualities of each birth star compiled for you. This is not the opinion of the author, but astrologists do believe that these traits are special to each birth star.

Ashwini is the first star. People born in this star will have excellent energy. They also focus on cleanliness. Often it may turn to OCD. If they use this quality well, their surroundings will have a good and clean environment.

The star Bharani is famous for cruelty and ungratefulness. People born in this star have a career-oriented mind. They are honest and reveal their opinions frankly.

The bad thing about these people is that they like spreading rumors and you can’t easily satisfy them like people born in other birth stars.

People born in Krittika star are witty and sarcastic. This character often makes others get angry upon them. Moreover, they do not maintain cordial relations in their life with friends or relatives.

Rohini is the fourth star. People born in this star indulge in religious activities. Some may even make these activities their livelihood.

They show interest in showing off their assets and their position in society.

Continue reading about the remaining stars in the next article.

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