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Indian postal gets a revamp

Indian postal gets a revamp

In March of 2017, the Khadi & Village Industries Commission (KVIC) made a plea to the government for their employees to wear clothes made from handwoven fabric at least once every week.

This would be part of a plan to increase Khadi production, which would be helpful to small weavers all throughout India.

Khadi is not a kind of cloth, but a notion of cloth, which is connected to an artisan’s livelihood. The government considered this plea, and they have started putting it into action.

Now, in February, all Indian postmen and postwomen will be replacing their old clothes with new Khadi uniforms.

Manoj Sinha, the Minister of State for Communications, announced the new postal service uniforms at an event in the capital.

The order for the uniforms from the KVIC was worth ₹48 crore, and they will be supplied to about 90,000 Indian postal service employees.

The color of the uniform will still be khaki, but it will now have the “India Post” logo on the pocket and the cap.

There will also be red stripes on the shoulders and shoulder blade of the uniforms.

Every Indian postal service employee will be given a yearly uniform allowance of ₹5,000, since it is mandatory for them to wear their uniforms on duty.

The fabric required for these uniforms for the 90,000 Indian postmen and postwomen adds up to about 8 lakh meters in length. This cloth is supplied by 37 top Khadi institutions from all over India.

The postal department is the third government department to adopt the Khadi uniforms, and this move by the government is a huge boost to these Khadi institutions.

Now, the Indian postmen and postwomen will be able to give all people a reminder of the value of authentic, handwoven fabric with their new Khadi clothing.

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