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How Indian independence day was celebrated all over the world

How Indian independence day was celebrated all over the world

India has just celebrated its seventy-first Independence Day, and it was celebrated not just within India itself, but also all around the globe. Several countries performed various celebrations, each one a little different, depending on India’s respective relationship with the country.

Patriotic songs were sung by thousands and the Indian tricolor was seen worldwide. With that said, these are six of the countries that celebrated alongside India on August 15th, and the various things they did to commemorate the date.

In China, celebrations were rampant in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Indian envoys and delegates were congratulated by their Chinese fellows, and the tricolor was hosted all across the bright skylines of these cities.

Several cities in Australia such as Melbourne and Sydney also hosted the Indian tricolor. The Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, expressed his congratulations and commemorations for the day, emphasizing his gladness that India and Australia have strengthened their ties so much in recent years.

Japan, with its growing Indian community, also hosted a great celebration for the Indian Independence Day.

There was an official gathering of about six hundred people, in which the Indian Ambassador to Japan, Sujan R. Chinoy, unfurled the Indian flag, and the Indian National Anthem was sung afterward.

In the United Kingdom, the very country from which India regained its independence, there was also great celebration. In London, the Indian Community hosted the first Freedom Run to celebrate the day, which began in Parliament Square and stretched for one mile.

The day was celebrated all across South Africa, especially because it and India have a special connection regarding India’s independence.

Both countries regained their independence around the same time, soon after England was economically devastated in World War II and could no longer hold onto its colonies.

It was also in South Africa where Gandhi himself began his path against discrimination, after he was thrown from a white-only train compartment. The tricolor was lit up in several sites of Gandhian heritage around the country.

In the United States, Indian-Americans all around the country celebrated Indian patriotism.

The Empire State Building was lit up in the colors of the Indian flag, and several United States Congressmen congratulated India on its seventy-first Independence Day.

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