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India is the second most trusted nation


India has moved up the ranks and became the second most trusted country in the world in terms of faith reposed on its institutions. India got to the second rank even though global trust levels have decreased. This was concluded by a survey. The study was conducted by public relations firm Edelman.

It was found that the general level of trust among college educated people around the globe has reached level which was not seen since 2009 in many of the markets that were surveyed.

The number of “truster” countries is at an all-time low in 2015 with only six countries including India. The number of “distruter” countries has increased significantly to 13. There are 8 neutral nations as found by the survey. The list in the survey was topped by UAE with 84 percent trust while India has 79 percent trust. Following India are Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Netherlands.

Image Reference: Indiatvnews

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