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Incredible Indian restaurants

Incredible Indian restaurants

Recently, a restaurant’s idli popsicle became viral on social media. As per the post, it is made by a Bengaluru restaurant. It grabbed the attention of netizens. They expressed different opinions on it.

Not only that, there are many theme-based restaurants are found in India. They serve food according to their theme.

Due to the vast diversity in the country different cuisines are available. Here you can find uniqueness in foods along with traditional and regional recipes.

Here are some incredible restaurants in India:

Kaidi Kitchen in Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad is a jail-themed restaurant. There is a security guard who guards the restaurant as a police officer. Waiters are dressed as prisoners and serve a variety of cuisines.

Taste of Darkness in Hyderabad is a dark-themed restaurant. You are not allowed to take any light-emitting device, including your mobile phone, inside the restaurant. You cannot see the food but experience the taste. The idea behind the dark theme is to let customers experience the life of the visually impaired.

UFO Revolving in Mumbai is a space-themed restaurant. It is designed like UFO that revolves. You can feel like floating in space here while enjoying the food.

The Gufa in Bengaluru is a cave-themed restaurant. Servers are dressed like cavemen and serve Indian and Afghani cuisines in a cave.

Veli Lake floating restaurant in Trivandrum serves Kerala food. You can taste delicious food and relish the natural beauty.

Silver Metro in Bengaluru is a metro themed restaurant. You can enjoy various mouthwatering delicacies here.

The Ciclo Café in Chennai is a bicycle-themed restaurant. The restaurant has furniture made up of recycled bicycle parts.

The Bar Stock Exchange in Mumbai is conceptualized on the stock market theme. It serves drinks, and their prices rise or fall as per their demand, like the ups and downs of the stock market.

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