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Imagine Clothes Bank offers clothes for just ₹1

Imagine Clothes Bank offers clothes for just ₹1

To offer clothes to the poor and people in need, an NGO started a clothes bank in Bengaluru. The Imagine Trust took a unique initiative by starting the clothes bank for the poor.

Imagine Clothes Bank offers clothes for just ₹1 to the poor. The trust started its operations long back. Four college friends started it to help the underprivileged. They ran a clothes bank in Mangaluru for the poor for two years when they were in college. Several students contributed to the clothes bank. It was a great success as many people benefitted from it. Later, all of them started their careers. However, they were waiting for a good time to launch it again.

Now, due to the pandemic, several people lost their livelihood. Hence, they wanted to start it again. They launched it in September.

The clothes bank opens every Sunday. All age groups can find clothes here. They can choose any piece of their choice and get it for just ₹1. This is to keep the dignity of the buyer. If the clothes are given for free, it may make them feel uncomfortable. That’s why the NGO offers clothes for ₹1. It spends the money received through the sale of clothes on education and medical needs of people in need.

All types of clothes like sarees, pants, shirts, jackets, towels, bedsheets, and curtains are available here. Most of the clothes available here are new and the rest also appear new.

Each week around 150 families visit the bank. So far, over 500 families got benefitted from the initiative. The intention behind the initiative was to benefit more underprivileged people. Anyone can buy up to 10 items on a visit. The NGO also wants to open a toys bank for poor children soon.

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