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Hyderabad American Oncology Doctors’ Rare Procedure Saves a Life

Hyderabad American Oncology Doctors’ Rare Procedure Saves a Life

A nine year old boy was saved by the American Oncology doctors from Hyderabad. The boy was suffering from a very rare form cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma. The doctors have managed to install an artificial device in place of the thigh bone which was completely affected by cancer. The boy hailed from Beedar, Karnataka. When the parents were told that the boy’s condition was severe and nothing could be done, the parents visited American Oncology hospital in Hyderabad. After the tests, it was found that thigh bone of the boy had advanced stage cancer. Initially, they have done chemotherapy for the boy. However, in order to save the boy, the doctors have imported an artificial device from London.

This device was made while keeping in mind the fact that a human body grows till the age of 18. The surgical oncologist Dr. Kishore has stated that the device can be adjusted every six months based on the growth of the boy. The whole surgical process has cost approximately Rs. 16 lakh. Surgeries like this happen only around 10 to 15 times across the world in a year.

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