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Why Hindus worship cows


The concept of worshipping cows versus eating beef has been a very strong controversy. Slaughtering cows is one of the biggest issues that can cause riots in country. This is due to the fact that Hindus worship cows and treat them holy while other religions support eating beef.

There are actually several reasons why Hindu culture worships cows. Read on to find them.

The products

Cows can give milk which can be converted to butter, ghee and several other dairy products. Milk, curd, ghee, cow urine and dung are all used during the ritual of puja.


Yagnas are very common in Indian traditions. During these fire yagnas (agnihotras), cow ghee and dung are used as fuel for burning sacred fires. There is scientific proof that the burning of these can purify the air around.

Hindus do not eat beef

Lord Krishna is one of the most prominent figures in Hindu texts. He is portrayed as a cow herder which makes the cows very sacred for Hindus. This is the reason why Hindus do not eat beef.

Symbol of mother

The cow is considered a symbol of maternal qualities (called Gau Mata). This is another reason for worshipping of cows.

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