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Guj kar sewa cleans Kashi

Guj ‘kar sewaks’ cleans Kashi

There were more than two hundred volunteers from Gujarat who started ‘kar sewa’ to hold forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Clean India Campaign’ in his Lok Sabha constituency. The volunteers, mainly came from Surat. There were both men and ladies in the volunteers. They reached the town on Monday night and have started cleaning the town roads, localities as well as ghats.

The Kar Sewaks stated that BJP MLA from Gujarat, CR Patil, is additionally expected to affix them in the cleanliness drive on Thursday morning.

The volunteers were doing it in their town and were being a part of it here in Modiji’s constituency, they called it an extraordinary experience,  stated a volunteer, Maya Barad.

They have removed trucks of garbage from raods and areas near the Rajendra Prasad Ghat. They have also encouraged to the locals and passerbys to make sure that they keep the place neat and clean. Even though the volunteers were there for a week they wanted to make sure that they clean as many areas as possible during their stay.

On the first day, they identified many reasons behind the mess and filth in the city. One of the main reasons they stated was the lack of dustbins.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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