Revolutionary water purifying technique

Revolutionary water purifying technique for Rural India

Revolutionary water purifying technique for Rural India

Remember the old days when our grandmothers used to clean water by using simple cotton clothes? Using this old technique, a new water purifying technique has come out.

Based on those old methods, Dr. Anil Rajvanshi, an Indian scientist, has created an inexpensive solar water purifier that may well be vastly useful for rural households.

The apparatus is made based on the fact that water doesn’t need to be boiled for a long time to make it germ free, and even exposure to a lower temperature for a sufficiently durable time ought to be enough, he has created a low value solar water apparatus using cotton cloth, glass pipes and sunlight!

This unique water filter is being brought to general public by Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), a Phaltan, Maharashtra based NGO.

Dr. Rajvanshi says that other solar heaters available in the market genereally only heat up water but they do not purify them. When it comes to systems like RO, etc, water only gets filtered but complete sterilization is still lacking. He came up with an idea which can both filter the water and kill germs by heating it. It is a low cost solution which works using solar energy.

To make this purifier work, all you need is a discarded saree, a few glass pipes and sunlight. The solar water purifier (SWP) has four tubular solar water heaters attached to a manifold. The unclean water, is filtered by the cotton cloth and is filled in the SWP which gets later heated using solar energy to make it clean.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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